List of Replacement Carafes for Kitchenaid Coffeemakers

This is the list of replacement carafes for Kitchenaid Coffeemakers.
If you want only the lid of the carafe, you can find carafe lids for the most common carafes on the kitchenaid website.

Kitchenaid Coffee Carafe 12 cup Replacement

CoffeemakerReplacement Carafe
KCM511Medelco GL210 or GL200 remove pause and serveB000TTNTNM
KCM511Medelco GL210 or GL200 remove pause and serveB000TD1L8I
KCM534ERMedelco GL220B000TCVXCI
KCM111Kitchenaid KCM11GC 12 Cup Glass CarafeB004KAWCTS
KCM223Kitchenaid KCM22TC 12 Cup Thermal CarafeB004KAWDF6
KPCM-050 and KPCM-100KitchenAid 12-c. Pro Line Replacement Carafe with Interchangeable Lids KPCC12B000CARLNW

Kitchenaid Coffee Carafe 14 cup Replacement

CoffeemakerReplacement Carafe
KitchenAid Coffeemaker JavaStudio 14-cup Models KCM534K.AID 14cup CARAFE ONYX BLACK KCM5C14OBB00196Y5NC
KCM222KitchenAid 14-cup Replacement Glass Coffee Carafe KCM22GCB004KAWD2O
KCM514KitchenAid KCM5C14ER Coffeemaker/Urn 14 Cup Carafe, Empire Red KCM5C14ERB0019707DS
KCM222CU KCM222OB KCM1402KitchenAid KCM14GC 14 Cup Replacement Glass CarafeB00CIB6EEU
Javastudio collection 14 cup coffee makers.KitchenAid 14 cup Coffee Maker Carafe White KCM5C14WHB000PJ6PDM

Kitchenaid 10 cup Coffeemaker Replacement Carafe

CoffeemakerReplacement Carafe
KCM112KitchenAid 10-cup Drip-less Thermal Carafe KCM11TCB004KAUDMG

Kitchenaid 4 cup Coffee Carafe Replacement

CoffeemakerReplacement Carafe
KCM055WH3Medelco GL204B000U7DG04

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