Mr coffee replacement carafe

Mr coffee replacement carafes are available in about 10 models for their 50 odd coffeemakers. The most commonly used replacement coffee pots are listed below. Please also refer the Mr coffee replacement carafe chart for an exhaustive list of suitable replacements for carafes of all Mr. Coffee Coffeemakers.

4-Cup Replacement Carafes and Decanters






    Model D4B. Fits Mr. Coffee AD, AR, BL, HC, NR, PR, TR and VL Series Coffeemakers.

Most 4-cup carafes made nowadays have the problem of the coffee dripping down the side while pouring. Apparently, it has to do with not enough air coming into the carafe. If you keep the lid open when pouring, and pour slowly, the problem is reduced.Do bear in mind though, that for an extra $8 you can get a whole new coffeemaker instead of just the decanter.

8-Cup Replacement Carafes and Decanters




12-Cup Replacement Carafes and Decanters

  • Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Carafe – Black:
    Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Carafe PLD12-1
    Model PLD12-1. Fits Mr. Coffee CG13, CGX23, DR13, DRX23, DW13, DWX23, JWX27, NC13, NCX23, PL13, PLX23, SK13, SKX23, TF13, TFX23 coffeemakers. Has a White equivalent, PLD13.


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