Coffee Pot Replacement for Sunbeam Coffee Makers

Replacement Decanters for Sunbeam Coffee Makers

This is the list of replacement carafes for Sunbeam Coffee Makers. Coffee Carafe Replacements are not easily available for the older Sunbeam models. Only one Sunbeam carafe model is available on their website along with a couple of Mr Coffee models which fit a few Sunbeam models. Some universal carafe fits are listed below for a few of the models. For the rest, you have to compare the size of your old coffee decanter with that of the universal replacement carafes and see which one matches.

Sunbeam 12 cup Replacement Carafes

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Sunbeam 10 - 12C WHT Decanter,whiteSunbeam 10 – 12C WHT Decanter,whiteFor Use With Models AD, ADX, AR, ARX, PD, BL, PR, MP, UTC403, GBR12
Sunbeam Products PLD12-NP 12-Cup Black Coffee Carafe/DecanterSunbeam Products PLD12-NP 12-Cup Black Coffee Carafe/Decanter12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model 6385
Medelco - GL220Medelco – GL22012-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model 6385
Mr Coffee - PLD13-NPMr Coffee – PLD13-NP12-cup Coffee Makers Models 6101, 6102, 6112, 6960, 6961; 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Models 6964, 6970 , 6971 and BVSBJWX series
Mr Coffee - PLD12-1Mr Coffee – PLD12-112-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Models – 6127, 6171
Mr Coffee - PLD13-1Mr Coffee – PLD13-112-cup Programmable Coffee Makers Models 6126, 6172
Mr Coffee - PLD12-NPMr Coffee – PLD12-NP Model 6102, 6970, 6972, DW13, TF13, BVSBJWX, BVSBEHX and BVSBSJX series
Medelco - GL312Medelco – GL31212-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model 6000 Series, HXD23, HDX25
Medelco - GL312 ( Tall Lid )Medelco – GL312 ( Tall Lid )12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model HXD33
Medelco - GL212 Medelco – GL212 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model BVSB-TGX23
Crucial Coffee - GL312Crucial Coffee – GL31212-cup Programmable Coffee Maker Model 6000 Series, HXD23, HDX25

Sunbeam 4 cup Coffee Carafe Replacements

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Jarden - ND4-2Jarden – ND4-24-Cup Coffee Maker Models 3334, 6116
Medelco - GL204Medelco – GL2044-Cup Coffee Maker Models 3279, 3280, 3289
Medelco - GL204Sunbeam 4-Cup Replacement Carafe4-Cup Coffee Maker Model #4929
Sunbeam part no. UD12-1 Model 3281, 3282, 3283, 3284, 3285, 3286

Replacement Carafes for Sunbeam 10 cup Coffee Makers

Sunbeam part no. 003259-000-000 Model 3256, 3258
Sunbeam part no. 110713-003-000 Model 6391, 6395, 6396, 6397

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