Philips Norelco Replacement Coffee Carafes and Jugs

norelco carafeThis is the list of replacement carafes for Philips Norelco Coffee Makers. Philips have sold their coffee makers in USA under the brand names of Norelco, Philips and Senseo. As of now, spares support seems to be available only for the Senseo range of espresso coffee machines. To get Replacement Carafes, or Jugs in Philips nomenclature, for the older models under the Norelco brand name, we have to scout the Universal Carafes of Medelco, Crucial Coffee and Mr Coffee. Some of the fits are given in the list below. For the rest, you have to compare the size of your old coffee decanter with that of the universal replacement carafes and see which one matches.

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Medelco - GL220Medelco – GL220CT663eB, HB5185
Medelco - GL204Medelco – GL204Express HB5122, HB5124
Medelco - GL212 Medelco – GL212
Crucial coffee  - GL210Crucial coffee – GL210 CT162 & CT663eB
Crucial coffee  - GL220Crucial coffee – GL220Fits Norelco* Models CT663eB & HB5185. Fits Phillips* Model HD5275
Mr Coffee  - D4Mr Coffee – D4Norelco Express HB5122, HB5124
Mr Coffee  - D7Mr Coffee – D7Norelco C164, C564, CT162, CT663
Philipspart no. 482241810431HD7606 Senseo Coffee Maker Phillips
Medelco - GL200Medelco – GL200CT162, CT663, CT663eB, HB5183, HB5184, HB5185, HB5186, HB5186-C, HB5187
Medelco - SS410Medelco – SS410CT162, CT663eB, Express HB5122, HB5124
Medelco - GL210Medelco – GL210CT162,CT663eB

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