Melitta Coffee Maker Carafe

melitta coffee maker carafeThis is the list of replacement carafes for Melitta Coffee Makers.

melitta thermal carafe replacement

Replacement Carafe Coffeemaker
Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CB Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CB Fits Melitta aroma SAMO 5 cups JCM-512/R
Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CW Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CW Fits Melitta aroma SAMO JCM-512/W
Melitta replacement pot TJ-1031 Melitta replacement pot TJ-1031 Fits Melitta aroma SAMO JCM-1031

melitta replacement carafe 12 cup

Replacement Carafe Coffeemaker
Melitta Fast Brew Replacement Carafe MEFBCFW Melitta Fast Brew Replacement Carafe MEFBCFW Can be used with coffee maker models MEFB1W & MEFB2WW
Medelco - GL220 Medelco – GL220 ACO12T, ACP12
Medelco - GL212 Medelco – GL212 ACM10
Medelco - GL312 Medelco – GL312 DPB, ME12DSBCAN, MEFB1
Medelco - GL200 Medelco – GL200 ACM10G, ACO12T, ACP12
Crucial Coffee - GL212 Crucial Coffee – GL212 Fits Melitta* Model ACM10
Crucial Coffee - GL312 Crucial Coffee – GL312
Crucial coffee  - GL220 Crucial coffee – GL220 Fits Melitta* Models ACO12T & ACP12.
Melitta - 64166 Melitta – 64166 Melitta market this as a Universal Replacement Carafe For 10-12 Cup Automatic Drip Coffeemakers which Fits 85% Of The Coffeemakers Made In America. Presumably, it will fit most of the Melitta 10-12 Cup Coffee Maker models. But user feedback has been negative and the carafe doesn’t fit even some of melitta’s own models.

melitta 10 cup replacement carafe

Replacement Carafe Coffeemaker
Medelco - SS410 Medelco – SS410 ACM10, ACM10A4, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H, ACM10M/4
Medelco - GL210 Medelco – GL210 ACM10, ACM10A4, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H, ACM10M/4
Crucial coffee  - GL210 Crucial coffee – GL210 Fits Melitta* Models ACM10, ACM10, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H & ACM10M/4.

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  1. October 23, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    I have a Cuisinart coffee maker ss-780and it asks to be de sceald 3 times a weekwe run vinegar through it and wait the 4 hr . even over night then it will brew 4 cups then ask to be de sceald againthis has been happening over and over again for the past monthplus sometime the brewing sign is up and nothing is comes out.this has been very frustrating and my wife jokes about throwing it out the windowPlease can you give any help

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