Melitta Coffee Maker Carafe

melitta coffee maker carafeThis is the list of replacement carafes for Melitta Coffee Makers.

melitta thermal carafe replacement

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CB Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CBFits Melitta aroma SAMO 5 cups JCM-512/R
Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CW Melitta replacement pot TJ-52/CWFits Melitta aroma SAMO JCM-512/W
Melitta replacement pot TJ-1031Melitta replacement pot TJ-1031Fits Melitta aroma SAMO JCM-1031

melitta replacement carafe 12 cup

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Melitta Fast Brew Replacement Carafe MEFBCFWMelitta Fast Brew Replacement Carafe MEFBCFWCan be used with coffee maker models MEFB1W & MEFB2WW
Medelco - GL220Medelco – GL220ACO12T, ACP12
Medelco - GL212 Medelco – GL212 ACM10
Medelco - GL312Medelco – GL312DPB, ME12DSBCAN, MEFB1
Medelco - GL200Medelco – GL200ACM10G, ACO12T, ACP12
Crucial Coffee - GL212Crucial Coffee – GL212Fits Melitta* Model ACM10
Crucial Coffee - GL312Crucial Coffee – GL312
Crucial coffee  - GL220Crucial coffee – GL220 Fits Melitta* Models ACO12T & ACP12.
Melitta - 64166Melitta – 64166Melitta market this as a Universal Replacement Carafe For 10-12 Cup Automatic Drip Coffeemakers which Fits 85% Of The Coffeemakers Made In America. Presumably, it will fit most of the Melitta 10-12 Cup Coffee Maker models. But user feedback has been negative and the carafe doesn’t fit even some of melitta’s own models.

melitta 10 cup replacement carafe

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Medelco - SS410Medelco – SS410ACM10, ACM10A4, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H, ACM10M/4
Medelco - GL210Medelco – GL210ACM10, ACM10A4, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H, ACM10M/4
Crucial coffee  - GL210Crucial coffee – GL210Fits Melitta* Models ACM10, ACM10, ACM10B4, ACM10E4, ACM10G4, ACM10H & ACM10M/4.

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