Replacement Carafes for Bella, Emerson, Farberware Coffee Makers

This is the list of replacement carafes for Bella, Emerson, Farberware Coffee Makers.

Bella Coffee pot Replacement

Replacement CarafeCoffeemaker
Medelco - GL312 (short lid)Medelco – GL312 (short lid)Bella Dots Coffee Maker Models 13659,13700,13703,13726,13737,13738,13739,13740,13776,13777,13786,13835,CM1006T-UL
13839,13840, 13844,13845,13869,13878,13879,13911,13912,13913,13923,
Bella Linea Coffee Maker Models 14108,14115,14116,14117,14158,14159,14160,14161,14286,14287,14346,14347,
Medelco - EXP100 Medelco – EXP100 Bella Espresso Maker 13683

Emerson Carafe Replacement

Medelco - GL220Medelcopart no. GL220Emerson Coffee Maker Model CCM901
Capresso - 4464.01Capressopart no. 4464.01Emerson Coffee Maker Model CCM901

Farberware Coffee Carafe Replacement

Crucial Coffee - GL312Crucial Coffeepart no. GL312Farberware Coffee Maker Models 103744, CM3000S & FCM12SS
Medelco - GL312 (with short lid & adaptor)Medelcopart no. GL312 (with short lid & adaptor)Fraberware Coffee Maker Models 103744
Medelco - GL312 (tall lid; coffee only - wonMedelcopart no. GL312 (tall lid; coffee only – won’t operate tea infuser)Farberware Coffee Maker Models CM3000S
Medelco - GL312 (short lid; remove pause & serve)Medelcopart no. GL312 (short lid; remove pause & serve)Farberware Coffee Maker Models FCM12SS

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