8 cups Universal Coffee Decanters for French Press Coffeemakers

Universal Coffee Decanters fulfill a very important need for doubly unfortunate coffee lovers. Doubly? That’s because, one, you have a broken decanter on your hands, and two, the french press you have is an old model and you are unable to get replacement decanters. Universal decanters, which claim to fit all models of coffeemakers, are what you need to look at if you are presently in this category. Here is a listing of some popular 8 cup replacement decanters. There is some scope for confusion with the cup sizes. So, for coffee presses from popular makers such as Bodum and Bonjour, the Cup Sizes are:

  • 3 Cup model is 0.35 liters or 12 ounces size beakers
  • 4 Cup model is 0.60 liters or 17 ounces size beakers
  • 8 Cup model is 1.00 liter(one liter size) or 32 ounce beakers
  • 12 cup model is 1.50 liter ( 1 1/2 liter size) or 48 ounce size beakers.
  1. BonJour 8-Cup French Press Replacement Glass Carafe

    This is a 8 cup glass carafe which holds 32 oz and fits most french press machines. Translated into standard cup size, this is more like 4 cups capacity. Fits Starbucks French Press and Palm Restaurant press perfectly. For most Bodum models, this is less expensive than the original Bodum Replacement Carafe, and has thicker glass, but is a bit loose for some models.

  2. Universal French Press Replacement 8-Cup Glass Beaker from Primus

    This is a 32/34 oz replacement beaker from primua. It fits Primula, La Cafetiere and Bodum 32/34 oz French Press Machines.

  3. Bodum 34-Ounce Coffee Press Glass Replacement Beaker

    This is shown as 34 oz, it is actually 32/34. Somewhat expensive, but it is from the OEM for Bodum Coffee Presses

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